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Who would have thought that a leather coin purse could look like a modish bag if you just put a strap on it? Take a look at this Givenchy Leather Coin Purse with Strap and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Taking a simple yet fashionable approach, this downsized option with signature finesse that gives it a sleek fold-style silhouette is all you could ever ask for in a luxury coin purse. What’s more to love about this is that it made with genuine and smooth calf leather. We never thought that owning a coin purse could be this good!
And if that’s not enough, this minimalistic styled coin purse also comes with a removable strap so that you can easily transition it into a stylish mini bag for lunch-date days with your equally sassy girlfriends. It features a snap-buttoned fastening, which gives you easy access and a sense of security.

Measuring 3.5” x 3” x 1” (H x W x D) inches and the price is $450 USD, 370 euro, £320 GBP, $3990 HKD, $750 AUD




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This is the Handbag That’s Taken Over So Many Style Stars’ Instagram Feeds

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There’s only one reason anything ever gets popular on Instagram: it looks good in photos. The popular photo-sharing network has an odd purity of purpose in that way. Even if something is popular in culture at large, if it’s not aesthetically pleasing, you’re not going to find much trace of its influence in Insta. If something is attractive in sunny still photography, though, and it makes it into the hands of the right people, it just might explode.

That’s true even if the brand doesn’t have the well-known luxury caché of larger fashion companies, which is, in its own way, a democratizing force on the style world. Instagram popularity can give an enormous boost to upstarts with good, unique designs that make Insta-popular style stars feel the thrill of discovery. The best example of this phenomenon so far is Mansur Gavriel, and now another indie bag brand has emerged with its own clear, narrow aesthetic and a bag Instagrammers just can’t get enough of. Enter, Cult Gaia.

Cult Gaia was founded in 2012 by Jasmin Larian, a California-based scion of the family who owns MGA Entertainment, the company that invented Bratz dolls, among many other popular toys. Cult Gaia’s look reflects the exact kind of aspirational, luxury-boho look you’d expect from the founder’s background, which is an aesthetic that reigns supreme at the moment in the contemporary fashion market. A wide swathe of young consumers, especially young women fluent in Instagram, want to dress like someone who was going to Coachella before everyone was going to Coachella. Cult Gaia achieves exactly that.

The brand has recently expanded to a small assortment of products beyond its Insta hit, which is called the Cult Gaia Ark Bag, but those clutches are still the star of the show. The original came in bamboo, but for spring and summer, new versions are making their debut in colorful acrylics, and the bag now comes in two sizes.

The Ark isn’t terribly functional; its woven-looking finish hides precious little from prying eyes, and there are no straps of any kind–you either have to carry its little handle by hand, or wedge it under your arm. That’s the thing with Instagram trends, though: they tend to privilege form over function, because their primary purpose is to get a good shot. The Ark Bag starts at $128 and tops out at $298, though, so for most luxury shoppers, it falls well within the acceptable range for a fun little summer clutch.

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Coach x Rodarte collaboration
Discover the Coach x Rodarte collaboration

After months of anticipation, the highly buzzed about Coach and Rodarte collaboration has finally arrived. The iconic American leather goods brand and New York-based cult label create a collection that celebrates Coach’s heritage with Rodarte’s whimsical touch.

From leather jackets decorated with glittering embellishments to archival printed t-shirts and sleek totes, these pieces are truly unique. Priced between $125 for a top and $3,500 for a leather jacket, the range is truly the definition of luxe. 


Coach and Rodarte Black Circle Dress Leather Sequins $2,500
Coach and Rodarte Black Circle Dress Leather Sequins $2,500
“This feminine circle dress is detailed with hand-embroidered jewel-tone leather “sequins” as well as brassy rivets.”
Coach and Rodarte Pink Crewneck with Archive Intarsia $595
Coach and Rodarte Pink Crewneck with Archive Intarsia $595
“This wool sweater features a vintage Coach ad from the 1980s with fifteen different yarns.”
Coach and Rodarte Leather Dress with Whipstitch Eyelet $2,500
Coach and Rodarte Leather Dress with Whipstitch Eyelet $2,500
“A feminine circle dress gets detailed with hand-punched eyelets, pearly cabochons and delicate leather lacing inspired by archival Rodarte techniques.”
Coach and Rodarte Moto Jacket with Leather Sequins $3,500
Coach and Rodarte Moto Jacket with Leather Sequins $3,500
Made from buttery-soft leather, the classic moto jacket features hand-embroidered jewel-tone leather “sequins”.
Coach and Rodarte Pocket Tote in Glovetanned Leather with Whipstitch Eyelet $995
Coach and Rodarte Pocket Tote in Glovetanned Leather with Whipstitch Eyelet $995
This structured tote, crafted from buttery-soft glovetanned leather truly shines.
Coach and Rodarte T-Shirt Archive Print $125
Coach and Rodarte T-Shirt Archive Print $125
“This cotton screenprinted t-shirt features a vintage Coach ad from the 1980s, with a few tongue-in-cheek Rodarte twists.”
Coach and Rodarte Tote Bag in Glovetanned Leather with Embossed Archive Print $650
Coach and Rodarte Tote Bag in Glovetanned Leather with Embossed Archive Print $650
A buttery-soft glovetanned leather bag features a Coach ad from the 1980s with updated text.
Coach and Rodarte Black Courier Bag in Glovetanned Leather with Sequins $895
Coach and Rodarte Black Courier Bag in Glovetanned Leather with Sequins $895
Inspired by a Coach bag from the 1970’s, this equestrian inspired silhouette features glam embellishments.
Coach and Rodarte Courier Crossbody Bag in Glovetanned Leather with Sequins $795
Coach and Rodarte Courier Crossbody Bag in Glovetanned Leather with Sequins $795
Rodarte’s signature use of embellishments shines with hand-placed metallic leather “sequins”.

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Photo: Pexels
Photo: Pexels

Unlike the simple one-pieces of the ‘90s and the triangle two-pieces of the early ‘00s, swim fashion in the last decade or so has been exceedingly exciting. From mesh-covered cut-outs to fringe and tassels, trends for swimwear are becoming increasingly difficult to predict.

During the last couple years, one-pieces have seen an outstanding resurgence. However, if you are dedicated to your bikini, here are a few styles to search for before summer swim season is in full-swing.


In more ways than one, bikinis are just a hop and a skip away from lingerie. On one hand, many women find it distasteful to emulate bedroom attire on the beach, but on the other hand, romantic swim styles catch eyes and steal hearts. This year, a handful of designers doubled-down on romantic flourishes to appeal to those swimmers who like to feel flirty and feminine. Plunging necklines, delicate lacework, glittering gems, and other delicate details will add romance without making you look too ready to dive into bed.


Even with a loud print, bikinis tend to be relatively one-dimensional ― which is why many designers this year are adding all sorts of textures to their swimwear. Though they may be somewhat less practical for actual swimming than smooth, sleek suits, bikinis with some texture stand out on the beach and at the pool. Here are two textures you will definitely see this swim season:
Crochet. Crochet work looks simple from far but up closet is beautifully intricate. You can find bikinis with crochet embellishments at the neck or back, or you can invest in a fully crocheted suit. However, it is important that you care properly for your crochet bikini since the weave makes it more delicate than other materials.
Mesh. Cutouts are another way designers are adding visual interest to plain-old bikinis, but this year, instead of merely baring skin, cutouts are covered with mesh. You can find bikinis with various gauges of mesh and a variety of cutout patterns, to suit your body type and comfort level.


String bikinis have been go-to swim options for decades, but this year, designers have decided to do a bit more with their cording. Laces and wrapping straps are exceedingly popular this year on all styles of swimwear, including bikinis.

Loose lacing is being used as a method of creating skin-revealing cutouts, so bikinis can have deeper necklines or higher thighs while giving coverage where it counts. Plus, laces can be either strong and sporty or delicate and romantic, fitting both major swim styles for the season.

Additionally, designers have coopted ballerina fashion in their swim lines this year, creating bikinis that wrap beautifully around the body. Wrapping is actually advantageous for swimwear; it provides adequate compression to keep your bits in place while swimming and splashing, but it isn’t prohibitively tight or unflattering.
However, you should be careful about wearing a laced or wrapped bikini in the sun for too long; the thin patterns will make for odd tan lines. With these bikini styles, it is even more important that you use enough sunscreen to stay safe.


Perhaps in response to the overabundance of revealing swim styles, some designers have developed more concealing bikinis ― and they are just as attractive and stylish as their skin-bearing alternatives. Full-coverage tops feel comfortable and practical, and many boast the same beautiful embellishments as skimpier styles, including lacing, mesh-covered cutouts, and crochet regions. There are sportier options, that are more reminiscent of rash guards, but you can also find stylish women’s tankini swimsuits that are on-trend.

Additionally, this season designers went wild with cover-up options, moving away from the tried-and-true sarong to experiment with alternative after-swim clothing. Beach pants, which are lightweight and often flowy, are an emerging trend, but you should also consider looking for bolero jackets that match your bikini, open-weave dresses, and caftans.


Flying in the face of all other swim trends this season, some designers are pushing plain, nude-colored bikinis. With colors to match a variety of skin tones, these neutral suits are designed to give the sense of exposure while remaining quite concealed. Nude bikinis are particularly good for accessorizing with jewelry, jackets, hats, and pants, so if you are more interested in elements of swim style besides your bikini, you might try wrapping yourself in simple nude.

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The Diorama Bag has created a big ripple in the competitive fashion world so no wonder there are different versions being released each time. Without further ado, here’s the Diorama Studded Baby Pouch in all its glory.

For all bag lovers out there and for the information of all who are considering owning a Dior bag, the Diorama bag was officially launched in mid-March as part of its kick off in the Spring 2015 collection. The Diorama bag features Dior’s signature Cannage pattern and the crest-shaped front closure.

Now that the Diorama fever is still on, the creative team behind Dior came up with an idea to introduce a smaller version of the iconic Diorama bag in the form of the Diorama Studded Baby Pouch. Aesthetic wise, the baby pouch features a Cannage design motif with studs outlining it. It also has aged gold-tone metal hardware to perfectly complement it and a detachable chain in aged gold-tone metal for easy hand, shoulder, or cross-body carrying.

Looking inside it has an interior compartment, 1 card slot, and 1 flat pocket to keep your things organized. It measures 13.5 x 8.5 x 6 cm and is priced €840 euro, £760 GBP via Dior boutiques.





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Malibu x Missoni Canyon Sandals

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If there’s something the womenfolk here hate, it’s the fact that their menfolk are extremely sloppy when it comes their footwear during weekends, what with stringy flip-flops or clunky sandals more suited for senior citizens. Yes, it’s an issue, and because there’s no way he’ll be slipping into loafers or sneakers no matter what you say, here’s an alternative that would work for everyone.

From Californian brand Malibu comes these woven sandals known as the Canyon, inspired by Mexican huaraches. Featuring a classic handwoven 5-strap design that also features vegan leather, it’s water-resistant and also offers good grip, these ones, with Italian knitwear giant Missoni are also on point when it comes to the colour combinations. Priced at USD149.05a pair with an additional USD28 for shipping to our part of the world, it’s definitely more appealing than stringy flip-flops or clunky sandals.

And if he’s keen but wishes for a manlier colour palette, fret not. Mr Porter has two special pairs up for grabs now. Priced at around GBP117 a pair, they come in either full Navy or full Olive with white webbing for a look that’s most definitely street-style worthy but more importantly, won’t make you hang your head in shame whenever you bump into friends unexpectedly whilst you both are out and about.

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