The Best Bags of Milan Fashion Week: From Italy, with Lust

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The Best Bags of Milan Fashion Week

Trust the Italians to bring a sense of magic to the runway. While the level of craftsmanship is always elevated, it’s their flair for the nonchalantly fantastical that makes the Milan runways a standout. At Fendiicon, a single clutch pretty much sums up the new season. Karl Lagerfeld, never one to let us know what to expect, planted a striking bird-of-paradise flower in each of the bags – which, happily, put the show’s emphasis on the well-deserving accessories. (And let us know the habit of accessorizing our accessories is only gaining traction.) Styles clean, architectural, and undeniably classic that boast artsy accents, sudden bursts of color, patchwork and ombré effects, and panels of chunky beaded embellishments make for a mood that’s trendsetting with a heavy dose of whimsy, one that will satisfy editors and street bloggers alike.

The Best Bags of Milan Fashion Week

Leave it to Miuccia to go for an utmost juxtaposition. She described Prada’s Fall ’15 collectionicon as “sweet…but violent,” and she played with a candy shop’s palette of pastels, as well as some technical, digital-inspired patterns. It’s the deconstructed bag-within-a-bag that really captured my attention: color pairings like nude with Pepto-Bismal pink and clay blue with olive green ensure you’ll leave the outer portion unzipped to reveal the contrast.

The Best Bags of Milan Fashion Week

It’s a new era at Gucciicon, one now led by Alessandro Michele, and it shows. The revamped Gucci girl is eccentric, eclectic, and unafraid of all things sheer. And unsexy, for that matter! It’s a symbol of her newfound confidence, and so are the bags in her hand: structured and emphatic, they speak of the leather goods of Gucci’s heritage. The canvas, double-G chain-strap bag is back, now with tough hardware, and so is the sense of attitude.

The Best Bags of Milan Fashion Week

Dolce & Gabbanaicon paid homage to the matriarch of every Italian family, as well as mothers everywhere, with their collection. Not only did it make for a warm and poignant show, it made for some fanciful and elegant bags. Brooch-inspired embellishments might give grandma’s closet a little too much attention, but the miniaturized boxy top-handles, some in lizard, others coated in Art Deco-inspired crystal motifs, are definite winners. Finally, Tomas Maier was craving graphic structure and spotty, mod-derived patterns over at Bottega Venetaicon, which gave way to saturated, colorblocked takes on their heralded bags. Switching their trademark intrecciato over to the lining, for a smooth shell, complete with origami-folded gussets, makes for a cool twist, and so do the front-flap and ombré-effect alligator top handles. The colors may be lighthearted and bright, but the message is serious luxury all the way.

The Best Bags of Milan Fashion Week

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Olivia Palermo’s Stripes on Stripes: Jump in the Lines



Pairing stripes with more stripes is an endeavor that not every Snob could pull off, but this is Olivia Palermo, front row fixture extraordinaire, and it’s not her first time dressing outside the lines– or in this case, in them. Personally, I love the look, even with mismatched stripes. Choosing to go vertical rather than horizontal is a smart move when both a top and bottom are involved, especially when said bottom is a wide-legged trouser like this one. That adds extra height to Ms. Palermo’s petite frame (as do her strappy Schutz sandals), and creates a feeling of coordination, even if the pieces weren’t originally made to be worn together. Now if only she would share the secrets to nabbing a model husband…


Polo Ralph Lauren Kylie Striped Shirt, Topshop Slouchy Striped Trousers


Dior ‘So Real’ 48mm Sunglasses


Steven Rykie Single Band Sandals

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Hermes Launches The Perfect Innovative Website for the 21st Century


It’s a new era for the fashion industry and all the luxury brands know that to keep up with the current it’s better to invest in online marketing. It wasn’t that long ago whenGucci’s website went under the knife rejuvenating its style. A few days ago, it was French luxury brand Hermes’ turn to make some changes with their website design, officially launching the perfect innovative website for the 21st century.

Hermes' New Innovative Website for the 21st Century

With its fresh and appealing new look, Hermes’ new online platform consists of animated gifs, short tales about jewelry and leather goods, short films and a sort of new dictionary, named ‘Hermesistible’, wherein it is possible to find the three new words the luxury brand has appositely made up for us, namely jalousele, which stands for ‘a spark of envy in a shade of green’, impulcie – ‘a fleeting guilt when indulging a whim of child-like pleasure’, and escapitude standing for ‘the joy of planning an impromptu escape’.

Described as ‘the lexicon of wordelicious fashion jewellery’, Hermesistible features a colorful section of Hermes gifts, and is meant to represent all those who not only are feeling impulsive and jealous, but also feel the urge to escape from something (or maybe someone?). Hermesistible will soon feature two more words, follitude andaparess, the definitions for which are going to be unveiled this upcoming December.

Although the website still shows all the latest Hermes pieces, it is in fact mainly dedicated to its accessory collections, and focuses more on interacting with its customers rather than merely showing them its goodies. Doing so, it tries to work as a source of inspiration for anyone, from the young girl who is interested in fashion, to the adult who loves interactive platforms. Moreover, the platform makes it possible not only to directly purchase the pictured item, but also ‘like’ it or share it on any kind of social media.

Hermes’ technologic turn officially started earlier in September, when the French brand, teaming up with Apple, launched a new AppleWatch. Available in 3 styles, the Hermes AppleWatches are only sold in selected stores, and their price tags range from $1,100 to $1,500.

But what are the real reasons behind the new innovative Hermes website?

Besides giving a more interactive platform to its customers, Hermes is also trying to find new ways to increase its renowned position as a luxury brand, subsequently increasing its income. Hermes investments in the digital world will take an ultimate turn in 2016, when the brand’s e-commerce platform will be incorporated into its brand new website. Doing so, chief executive Axel Dumas hopes to internationally expand the French brand.

Regarding this, he recently stated: “E-commerce is important, but also it’s about communication, telling your value. That’s why we are really thinking hard on re-launching the new website in 2016. I view digital as a great opportunity and something that is going to become more and more important.”

Not for nothing, e-commerce is indeed a good way to make profitable income in a world where luxury brands are experiencing a decreasing sales growth, and we hope Hermes will find its way in the cyber-space!

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The 15 Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of November 20

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Saint Laurent Monogram Quilted Leather Crossbody Bag in Black
Size: 7.5” x 5” x 1.2” inches
Price: $908 USD

Hello, ladies! Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the Saint Laurent line of Monogram Black Chain bags and clutches! If you’re pretty much a Saint Laurent girl, then you’ll love these pieces (we’re swooning here). Here, we have an array of colors and designs you can choose from, but there’s a certain design element that’s common to all pieces – the black chain and monogram. Very luxe, eh? We’ve been accustomed to the metallic glitz of gold and silver hardware, but there’s something about black hardware that we couldn’t really put a finger on. It makes any piece slick and dapper, without going overboard with masculinity.





Saint Laurent Monogram Quilted Leather Crossbody Bag in Blue
Size: 7.5” x 5” x 1.2” inches
Price: $908 USD


Saint Laurent Monogram Quilted Leather Crossbody Bag in Pink
Size: 7.5” x 5” x 1.2” inches
Price: $908 USD


Saint Laurent Monogram Quilted Leather Crossbody Bag in Red
Size: 7.5” x 5” x 1.2” inches
Price: $1,250 USD


Saint Laurent Monogram Clutch with Wristlet in Black
Size: 23cm x 16cm x 2cm
Price: $695 USD


Saint Laurent Monogram Leather Shoulder Bag in Black
Size: 24cm x 15.5cm x 5cm
Price: $1,990 USD


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Prabal Gurung Fall 2015 Collection: The Heat of the Moment


Prabal Gurung Fall 2015 Collection: The Heat of the Moment

As a designer, you will for that shining moment, the one when your roar rings louder than any other. Last night produced such an occasion for Prabal Gurung. From his voluminous layers of furs to the soft, quietly body-skimming dresses, this is by far the best collection I’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing from the quiet and enigmatic Nepalese designer. There have been seasons (ahem, Spring ’15) when the clothes didn’t feel entirely right, but not this time. This is a collection brimming with pieces you can literally take right off the runway and wear out.

The pieces could almost be called minimal, as it’s all relative, save for Prabal’s flair for the decadent, deliciously subtle as it feels. Sumptuous shades of dove gray and buttercream yellow, touchable fabrics of silk crepe and cashmere, and lambskin leather galore: the overall effect is as soothing as it is stirring. So was seeing the selection of models; appearances by 30- and 40-something greats like Kirsty Hume and Frankie Rayder made for a sensational surprise. Prabal is also playing with new shapes. “I’ve realized a dress can still be sexy without being skintight,” he said. Likewise! The high diagonal slits, some complemented by broad pleats, are sensual without being pushily so. Languid, spaghetti-strapped slipdresses that tease with the prospect of drifting off the body (the nip slip might have to be embraced come fall) feel so much sexier than their aggressively body-conscious cousins.

Especially paired with architectural T-strap pumps and that fur, an outdoorsy-inspired take on uptown-chic mink and fox, for a juxtaposition of tufts and textures. Indeed, it’s that dissension that heightens the energy levels. Pitting delicate lace, crystals, and jet beading against naturalistic animal prints, like snow leopard, and Fair Isle-motif knits is the kind of clash I like to see. Speaking of which, as much as fashion is founded on the visual, Prabal knows it’s also about being heard. I can announce with confidence now that he has found his voice. Now hear him roar.

Prabal Gurung Fall 2015 Collection: The Heat of the Moment

Prabal Gurung Fall 2015 Collection: The Heat of the Moment

Prabal Gurung Fall 2015 Collection: The Heat of the Moment

Prabal Gurung Fall 2015 Collection: The Heat of the Moment

Prabal Gurung Fall 2015 Collection: The Heat of the Moment

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